Finished studying drupal drupal

During last 3 days I learned drupal to create this site.

ChangeSoundDevice v.1.01



Program for quick change sound device by double clicking on icon in tray. Of course system must have more than one device.

All settings available by clicking right mouse button on tray icon.

Ipaq21x Extended Capabilities v.2.1


Ipaq21x Extended Capabilities

Program for improvement IPAQ21x (loud sound + insensible touchpad + 3D hardware effects)
Increase hardware volume, improve touchpad sence, improve touchpad precision, you can use front dynamic, you can enable hardware 3D

ONVIF NVT compatible camera emulator

ONVIF NVT compatible camera emulator

ONVIF NVT camera emulator, launching under linux, and providing emulation as real device.

Tested under Fedora 15, small instruction in archive, archive splitted with "split", join it with "cat"

Proxy server for Ipv6 port redirection v.1.0


Proxy server for Ipv6 port redirection

Supporting HTTP and IPv6, possible to redirect IPv6 port from IPv4 server.

How to used : redirected Transmission interface and API from Ipv4 to IPv6 in my NAS.


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